re entry checklist


Students, faculty and staff directed to return to campus for Spring 2021 who have concerns about doing so because of age, medical condition, or other reasons that warrant an accommodation may contact Human Resources (faculty and staff) or Disability Support Services (students) to submit a request for accommodations.

The following re-entry checklist applies to the university’s Return to Campus plan.

Note: Guidance and requirements – including sentinel testing – are subject to change and will be updated prior to future phases of return to campus.


Download and print a hard copy of this checklist.


Prior to Return to Campus for Spring 2021

  Complete applicable COVID-19 re-entry testing for residential students and student-athletes.

  Complete Charger Healthcheck, a COVID-19 Assessment Tool to assess if you are safe to return.

  Employees: Pack up any university technology equipment and any other university materials you took home that will be needed when you return to work.

  If experiencing any of the following symptoms, do not return to campus. Contact Human Resources (faculty and staff) or the Dean of Students for guidance.

COVID-19 Symptoms

Fever or chills Cough
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing Fatigue
Muscle or body aches Headache
New loss of taste or smell Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose Nausea or vomiting

Source: Center for Disease Control. Check here for the most up-to-date symptom list.


When you are on campus

icon of hand washing

  Wash your hands

Wash or disinfect hands frequently when in contact with others, and after coughing or sneezing, as well as wash or disinfect shared equipment and items in the workplace.

wiping icon

  Clean and disinfect

Before starting work and before you leave any room in which you have been working, disinfect work areas. Cleaning supplies will be provided at sanitation stations throughout campus in locations such as classrooms and computer labs.

mask icon

  Wear a mask

Wear a cloth mask/face covering at all times when on campus unless you are in a private, enclosed space or outdoors where distancing requirements are met. See CDC guidelines for the use of cloth face coverings

social distancing

  Avoid Contact

Stay at least 6 feet apart (about two arms’ length) from other people at all times.

classroom distancing

  Use the Stairs

It is impossible to maintain proper distancing in elevators. Use stairs whenever possible.

Close door

  Close Doors

Close doors when working inside a private office with a door.

Take stairs

  Use Technology

Use technology whenever possible for meetings. If in-person meetings are required, keep meetings to small groups so that maintaining a distance of 6 feet between all individuals during meetings is possible.


  Charger Healthcheck

Students, faculty and staff must complete Charger Healthcheck at least every three days. Charger Healthcheck is a COVID-19 assessment tool for employees and students to report the existence of any current COVID-19-related symptoms, exposure history, and testing history. Do not come to work or class if you are sick. If you experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms, contact Human Resources (faculty and staff) or the Dean of Students for guidance.