Effective immediately, masking will no longer be mandatory indoors on UAH campus, except:

  • Masks are required in all clinical areas in Wilson Hall, as posted on signage.
  • Masks are required in Cramer Hall unless working alone in a private office or lab space.
  • Individuals are still required to wear a mask in accordance with CDC guidance, including:
    • Following an isolation period after a positive test (i.e., wear a mask for five days when around people following the five-day isolation period, minimum 10 days total masking)
    • After an unvaccinated person’s close-contact exposure to a COVID-positive individual (i.e., wear a mask for five days following the five-day quarantine period after exposure, 10 days total if no symptoms develop)

This change in COVID protocols comes after a significant drop in the number of positive cases on campus and in our community, changes in guidance from the CDC, and soliciting feedback from various faculty, staff and student groups.

UAH students, faculty and staff should continue to comply with the COVID-19 safety precautions detailed on the UAH COVID-19 Campus Guidelines website. This includes staying home whenever you are sick and following the guidance on reporting symptoms and exposures and testing.

Vaccines remain key to combating COVID-19. UAH continues to strongly encourage our campus community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The protection afforded by the vaccine has been essential in keeping positive case numbers low. UAH currently has free COVID-19 vaccines and boosters available. Appointments can be made through the UAH Health Portal or by calling 256.824.2400.

UAH will continue to monitor the available COVID-19 data. If conditions change, masking or other mitigation measures may be temporarily required. Please remember to check your university email and the UAH COVID-19 Campus Guidelines website for updates.

Thank you for the dedication and support you have provided to help keep UAH safe these past two years, and into the future.