wow movein crew 2020

Principle 1

Protect the health and safety of the faculty, staff, students and visitors/collaborators upon returning to campus for Spring 2021, with particular concern for vulnerable populations, and considering emotional and mental health as well as physical health.

Principle 2

Follow local, state and national public health authority directives for shelter-at-home, quarantines, physical/social distancing, use of protective gear, density of individuals in enclosed spaces, and other directives.

Principle 3

Return to campus for Spring 2021 to enable UAH to provide a unique value to UAH students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community including access to resources that are critical to research and education, participation in collaborative learning, research, and activities that stimulate learning, creativity and discovery, and engagement with community stakeholders to advance research, enhance learning, and expand career opportunities for our students.

Principle 4

Fulfill the University’s academic, research and service mission.

  • Prepare to deliver a high-quality educational experience that realizes the learning objectives, rigor, and standards of UAH, regardless of educational modality.

  • Resume vital research, scholarship, and creative activities integral to UAH culture with appropriate precautions guided by approved public health directives.

Principle 5

Be flexible and responsive to the changes in circumstances and make accommodations as necessary while being respectful and considerate to all.