What is my login and pin number?

Your Charger ID is required as your login to Banner Self Service and your Charger password is required to access your information.  When certifying your web time entry timesheet, you will now use your Charger password.

I have put in an incorrect password and Banner has locked me out. What should I do?

Please contact the OIT Help Desk at x3333. They will help you get logged in.

After logging into the Self Service time sheet, I received an error that says my records cannot be processed at this time. Who should I contact?

Please contact, Diane Gibbs, our web time entry contact, at 256-824-2254. There could have been a change in your or your approver's position that is affecting your records OR it could be that your information has not yet been entered into Banner in Human Resources.

I can't see the timesheets of the students and/or On-Call employees that work for me to be able to approve them. What should I do?

Please be sure to also choose the option to view your student and on-call employees under the S2 payroll. They are separate from the BW payroll option. Click here for details.

I didn't use any leave this pay period and when I submitted my timesheet I got an error that said, "Warning No Hours Entered."   What does this mean?

This error can be ignored if you truly did not have any leave time to report as an exempt employee. This error can be avoided by clicking on one of the days of the timesheet on any row and placing a 0 in the field. This will not take any hours from your leave balance and should keep you from getting the error.