How do I set up direct deposit?

You should have been directed to sign up for direct deposit in orientation, however if you did not have orientation, you can stop by our office in SKH 151 or print the form from our site and mail it to us at SKH 151 or email it to us at  We also offer the option to enter your direct deposit allocation information online in Banner under the Employee Menu-> Pay Information -> Direct Deposit Allocation.

Do I have to set up direct deposit?

Effective 9/5/2008, UAH began a mandatory direct deposit policy. Please click here for a link to the form. Direct Deposit is a safer, more efficient way to access your funds on payday.  Effective on the paycheck dated 3/27/14, anyone who has not setup a direct deposit account will be required to fill out a form.  Paper check will be held until form is complete. 

Can I split my direct deposit between my savings account and checking account?

Yes, you can split up your payroll deposit into up to 3 bank accounts on the Direct Deposit Form. You will need to include the routing number of the bank you are using as well as your bank account number, or simply attach a voided check to the form.

How do I locate my check stub online?

You will need to login to Banner.  Follow these instructions to find your check stub online.

When are direct deposited funds credited to my account?

Generally, your funds should be credited to your chosen account by the open of business on payday.

It is payday and the direct deposit is not in my bank account. What should I do?

Check your online paystub to see that you did receive pay, and that it was directed to the proper financial institution of your choosing. If so, call your financial institution directly or you are welcome to call us at 256-824-6095 for assistance.

I do not have a bank account. What will happen to my check?

Effective on the 3/27/2014 payroll check, anyone who has not signed up for direct deposit will be required to fill out direct deposit form so that the payroll funds can be direct deposited to your bank.  Paper checks will be held until the form is complete.

My financial institution has been bought out by another financial institution. Do I need to let Payroll know?

Absolutely. It is in your best interest to let us know when your bank has been bought out by another bank, especially if they have issued you a new account number or new checks to use.