The mission of OIT's Telecommunication Services team is to provide the UAH community with reliable and economical voice services. We provide modern communication tools backed by reliable infrastructure. We also tailor our offerings to each customer's specific needs in order to facilitate the best experience possible.

Information and Instructions

Comprehensive information on UAH phones and other telecommunication services, is available in the OIT Knowledge Base.

A listing of services offered by Telecommunications is available in the OIT Service Catalog. Online request forms for these services are also available there.


If you have a trouble report, a service request, or just a general question, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our primary method of contact is email: When you submit a request via email, our first available technician will take ownership of the request and will work with you to ensure its resolution.

We are also available via phone: +1 256 824 6129 (or simply 6129 from a UAH telephone). If a member of the Telecommunications team is available, you'll reach them immediately; otherwise, the OIT Help Desk will assist with recording and submitting your inquiry.