Every effort has been made to insure, trouble-free communication with the phone system. When you have a problem, please check that the telephone is plugged in and that the handset is in the cradle. For service, you can call extension 6815 or fax a work order form to 6333. Each department has a telephone coordinator, all service calls should be handled by the coordinator. Include the phone number experiencing problems, contact number for the coordinator, and a brief description of the problem (no dial tone, no display, etc.). Residence hall occupants should contact their RA if they have a telephone problem.

Any concerns about your telephone should be addressed to the Telecommunications Services. If in doubt "Call Us First". Contact Mary Jane Blackwell at extension 6815 or by email at blackwem@uah.edu with any trouble tickets, moves, additions or changes, problems, general questions, and billing inquiries or concerns contact.