Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

The electrical engineering program offers a background that enables students to pursue careers in any of the many diverse facets of electrical engineering such as electronics/VLSI, electromagnetics, power systems, antenna design, networks, communications, controls, and optics with their Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE). The student may also select advanced undergraduate courses to develop individual and specific interests.

BSEE in electrical engineering

Undergraduate students will take basic engineering courses as well as specialty courses in circuits, electromagnetic fields and waves, microprocessors, communication, signal processing, control systems and physical electronics. Undergraduates in the program prepare for positions as electrical engineers in industrial, commercial and government organizations.


BSEE in electrical engineering with optics and photonics concentration

The field of optics and photonics is rapidly expanding with applications such as autonomous vehicles, machine vision, high efficiency solar cells, bigger and better display screens, etc. Electrical engineering serves as an integral part in all these applications. Therefore, a concentration in optics and photonics in electrical engineering provides a pathway for students to pursue careers in these exciting fields.

Students in the concentration take the same classes as regular EE students in the first three years. In the senior year they take two required optics classes and two electives. The students are encouraged to do a senior design project in the area of electro-optics.



The electrical engineering electives must include a two-course sequence. A list of approved sequences is given below. Students may select a sequence from this list or may substitute an alternative sequence which represents another area of specialization within the ECE discipline. The remaining 6 hours may be chosen from any 300 level or above CPE, EE, or OPE courses (unless otherwise stated in the catalog) that are offered by the ECE Department that meet the approval of the student's advisor.

Approved Sequences:

  1. EE 424 and EE 426
  2. EE 414 and EE 426
  3. EE 414 and EE 424
  4. EE 414 and EE 486
  1. EE 416 and EE 436
  2. EE 416 and EE 451
  1. EE 454 and EE 451
  2. EE 453 and EE 451
  3. EE 454 and EE 453
  1. CPE 353 and CPE 453

Electrical Engineering Advising and Mentoring

Electrical Engineering majors receive curriculum advising from the Center for Engineering Education (CUE2) which is located in the Engineering Building Room 157. Students are free to make an appointment to speak with an advisor to discuss curriculum planning, progress towards graduation, and problems with classes or other concerns as needed.