College of Engineering Laptop Requirement
Description of the College's laptop requirement for incoming freshmen in Fall 2023.


Engineering Program 
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2023-2024 Catalog


Aerospace Checksheet Flowchart Approved Electives
Chemical Checksheet Flowchart  
Civil Checksheet Flowchart  
Computer Checksheet Flowchart Approved Electives
Cybersecurity Checksheet Flowchart Approved Electives
Electrical Checksheet Flowchart Track Electives
Industrial & Systems Checksheet Flowchart  
Mechanical Checksheet Flowchart Approved Electives

Engineering Program

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Registration Resources

HSBS/HFA Requirements
History, Social & Behavioral Science (HSBS), and Humanities/Fine Art (HFA) requirements for engineering students.

Transfer Equivalency Guide
Comparison of UAH course credits with Alabama community colleges.


Registrar Forms

There are several university-level forms for dealing with Letters of Good Standing, College Changes, Course Repeat/Forgiveness, etc. If you need assistance with any of these forms, please email an advisor at  


Other Academic Resources

JUMP Application Form
Application for Joint Undergraduate-Masters Program.

College of Engineering Academic Progress Policy
Description of the College's new Academic Progress Policy for 2015