Welcome to the Center for Undergraduate Engineering Education (CUE2).

The College of Engineering provides our students with the skills and tools that tomorrow's engineer needs to solve complex engineering problems that cut across disciplines. Our students learn innovative design techniques, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, how to communicate effectively with diverse groups of people, professional ethics, and how their engineering work impacts the region, the state, the nation, and the world. Our approach to engineering education is for students to develop and learn these skills through a balance of rigorous academics and hands-on practice.

We offer 8 ABET-accredited engineering programs that lead to the Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Cybersecurity, Electrical, Industrial and Systems, and Mechanical Engineering.

If you want to work with an Engineering Advisor, please email your request to engineering@uah.edu or call the Advising Office at 256.824.6877.

For information about the College of Engineering's laptop requirement for incoming freshmen in Fall 2023, visit our laptop requirements page.