For Incoming Fall 2024 Students

To receive an invitation to the Pre-Charge course, you must be registered for New Student Orientation, which will open in Spring 2024.

Pre-Charge for the RACE into Fall 2024

Congratulations on your acceptance to UAH and welcome to the College of Engineering!

If at any time you have questions about the RACE to the Fall semester, you may contact, and an academic advisor will be able to assist you.

1. Register for Freshman Orientation

By registering for your Freshman Orientation you are letting the College of Engineering know that you are planning to attend UAH in the Fall. We can then begin communicating with you about how you will be getting started in August.

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2. Accept the invitation to the “Pre-Charge for Engineering” Canvas course

You will receive an invitation to the “Pre-Charge for Engineering” Canvas course to your official UAH email address ( You may access this through your account under OIT Services and “UAH Google Workspace.”

The online “Pre-Charge for Engineering” course is where you will learn about the classes that you will need to take during the Fall semester, have an opportunity to work with an advisor, and receive all the information on how to register for your classes.

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3. Complete the “Pre-Charge for Engineering” Canvas course.

In this course, you will have six (6) modules to assist you in the process of registering for your Fall classes.

  • Module 0 - Welcome to the Charger Engineering Family
    • General overview of what is to come.
  • Module 1 - Getting Started
    • Preparing for you for future modules.
  • Module 2 - Academic Advising
    • Discuss the partnership between the student and advisor.
  • Module 3 - Placement
    • Review your current placement and how was it determined.
  • Module 4 - Engineering Curriculum
    • Your four-year plans and how your degree is structured.
    • Includes how AP/IB/Dual-Enrollment credits affect your first-year coursework.
  • Module 5 - Registration for Fall classes
    • How you will create a schedule and register for classes.
  • Module 6 - Setting Yourself Up for Success
    • Tips for you to be a successful student.

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4. Enroll in your Fall classes

In Module 5 of “Pre-Charge for Engineering,” you will learn how to register for your Fall classes.

After completing the course, you will be prepared to register as soon as registration opens!


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