Congratulations on your admission to UAH! Our entire campus community is thrilled to be welcoming you to the Charger Family. In order to be fully prepared for the exciting things this next semester has in store for you, we ask that every freshman student entering for summer or fall 2021 register and complete our New Student Orientation program.

Resources for Charger Building Blocks  /  Phase 1 can be found below.

New Student Orientation  /  Phase 2

Below are the dates for the New Student Orientation Phase 2 Sessions. 

Orientation will begin first thing in the morning on Day One and will conclude by 1:00pm on Day Two. Please note that students will be spending the night on campus on Day One of Orientation. Accommodation options available in the Huntsville area for parents/guests can be found HERE.





*If you would like to register for a session that is currently listed as full, email with the date you would like to attend for more information.

  • June 10 & June 11 (Th/F)  /  Session Full* 
  • June 14 &  June 15 (M/T) / Session Full* 
  • June 17 & June 18 (Th/F) / Session Full*
  • June 21 & June 22 (M/T) / Session Full*
  • June 24 & June 25 (Th/F) / Session Full* 
  • July 8 & July 9 (Th/F)/ Session Full*
  • July 12 & July 13 (M/T)/ Session Full*
  • July 15 & July 16 (Th/F)/ Session Full*
  • July 19 & July 20 (M/T)
  • July 22 & July 23 (Th/F)
  • July 26 & July 27 (M/T)
  • July 29 & July 30 (Th/F)
  • August 2 & August 3 (M/T)
  • August 5 & August 6 (Th/F)
  • August 11 & August 12 (W/Th)
    (Students with on-campus assignments, move in)
  • August 13 (F)
    (Students with on-campus assignments, move in)

Questions? Email

During New Student Orientation we will be practicing social distancing, and ask that our guests join our staff in wearing masks for the entirety of the event. We ask that students do not bring more than two guests. 

*Safety procedures and guidelines are subject to change.

  • We ask if you are feeling ill, have experienced any symptoms within the past 24 hours, or have been in contact with any individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19, that you reschedule your appointment.

  • We ask that students bring no more than two guests with them to New Student Orientation.

  • Masks are required for all attendees. We ask that everyone bring their own mask, and wear it during the entirety of the event.

  • Each visitor will be required to complete a visitor's health check screening form upon arrival.

  • Each visitor will have their temperature taken and recorded upon arrival.


Charger Building Blocks  /  Phase 1

You’ve been admitted and have decided you are going to be a Charger! First things, first...register for New Student Orientation. After that, review the resources below so when the time comes, you’re ready for class registration.

Pre-Registration Information

Learn important registration dates, the difference between full-time and part-time student status, the meaning of satisfactory academic progress, and how to read course listings.

View the Pre-Registration Presentation HERE.

Class Registration

Use this video to understand more about Schedule Planner, which allows you an easy way to create your class schedule.

View the video HERE.

Taking Care of Business

This video will help make sure that you are Charger Ready!

View the Charger Building Blocks video HERE.