What is a Commuter Student?

The University of Alabama in Huntsville defines a commuter student as a student that does NOT live on campus or in any University-owned property, and must utilize various modes of transportation to travel to and from campus.
You're not alone! Commuter students make up about 85% of the entire undergraduate student population. Remember that many of your classmates and friends on campus are also commuting and may be a great resource to you in terms of advice, experience, and even parking secrets.

How Can UAH Help?

We recognize that commuter students may face unique and different challenges than those students who live on campus. Not only do you deal with the daily commute, often you need to balance home, social, and academic responsibilities. Our goal is to provide support services and effective communication to help facilitate commuter students' success and connection to the UAH community. Our primary purpose is to ensure that your needs, as commuter students, are acknowledged and addressed by our campus community.

Tips for Commuter Students

In order to make your college experience the best it can be, here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Get to campus early to beat traffic and to get a good parking spot!
  • Talk to other students, faculty and staff - UAH is a wonderful place to meet people!
  • Get involved in campus life by joining a student organization.
  • Attend lectures, special programs and campus events.
  • Go to the UAH Fitness Center (it's available at no additional charge to all full time students!) to work out or exercise.
  • If possible, get a job on campus.
  • Join an intramural team.
  • Utilize study areas on campus such as the Charger Union, library, or lounges within the various colleges.
  • Don't eat lunch in your car - check out the food services options across campus or bring your lunch to the CU.
  • Make sure to read the "Charger Student News" electronic newsletter, an email you'll receive every week as it will tell you what's happening on campus and how to get involved.
  • Stay on campus after classes- there's always something going on!