Careers and Internships

Here at the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences we are launching careers from another stage. Each of our programs have built in opportunities for experiential learning - from internships to research. To tackle the world’s most pressing needs and technological challenges, we will need to think critically from a HUMAN context - something you will be trained on in the fields of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

The demand for “human skills” will grow across all jobs sectors and will include critical thinking, social perceptiveness, complex problem solving, communication, writing, and cultural awareness. We encourage students to seek out opportunities to build their resume inside and outside of the classroom.

Resources for Careers and Internships

Visit your program of study for specific information on internship and co-op positions within your degree program and how to apply. We encourage students to look in the semester course menu for Internship Course placement opportunities.

Utilize the resources and workshops within the Office of Career Services. You can seek out assistance for resume building and review or interview preparation. Career Services also has a database of employment, internship, and co-op opportunities.