Career Services offers a multitude of avenues for employers to connect with our outstanding students and alumni and find the perfect candidate for their workforce.

At UAH, our product is our students. That's why we're so proud of the graduates we produce, and why we're committed to helping them begin and advance their careers by placing them in rewarding positions with top employers.

Charger Path - Your Free Recruiting Resource

Charger Path is a free service where employers post positions and view resumes. Employers can also schedule workshops, information sessions, and on-campus recruiting events to reach potential candidates. Once you request an event, Career Services will contact you immediately and work with you to accommodate your needs.

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Hire Students and Alumni

Hiring co-ops and interns is a simple process. Once you've registered for Charger Path, you can easily post positions or view resumes.

On-Campus Hiring

For on-campus positions, make sure you complete all requirements for hiring a student.

On-Campus Hiring Procedures

Employer Campus Visit Day 

If you're considering expanding your partnership with UAH, join us for our inaugural campus visit day centered around workforce needs. We would love to show you campus, provide information on the co-op and internship program, and host you for a morning full of recruitment information!

Event Information

Date: May 9th, 2023
Event time: 8:30 am - 11:30 pm
Event Location: The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Intersted in attending? Register HERE


Cooperative Education opportunities are degree related and are supervised by professionals. These positions are always paid and are offered to students for multiple semesters. Work assignments can alternate with school semesters (Alternating Program) or run simultaneously with school semesters (Parallel Program).

Because experiential learning programs are academic programs, we work in conjunction with the Student Success Center, which means we also focus on our students' academic progress. We want to make sure that students are receiving the support they need academically while they are receiving outstanding experience in their field. When students work through our office, we help ensure that they stay on a positive track toward graduation.

Co-ops and internships should run concurrently with the university's academic calendars.


Internships can be credit bearing or non-credit bearing. To receive credit for an internship, a student must have a complete job description to present to his/her advisor for approval. Once the position has been approved, the student may begin employment based upon the employer's needs.

Internships are one-semester work assignments that are degree related and supervised by professionals. These positions are typically paid and are generally offered during the summer. Please notify Career Services when presenting a job offer to a student for either co-ops or internships.

International Students

Many international students would like to gain applied work experience while completing their degree. While there are some employment limitations for international students, knowing your options is the first step in providing opportunities for our students.

For complete employment eligibility information, please contact the International Student and Scholar Office at 256.824.6055.

Hiring an International Student

Recruit Students and Alumni

Career Services is excited to partner with companies who would like to connect with our students. Here are some of the ways that employers have partnered with us in the past, but we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.


Connect with UAH students and alumni by hosting workshops on a topic that you choose, from resume building to networking. 

Be sure to check with Alumni Relations for additional partnership opportunities, especially during career fair.

Tabling/Information Session

Tabling events

Informal on-campus recruiting events located in high student traffic areas or located in academic buildings associated with your targeted majors.  Interact with students between classes and increase brand awareness of your company at UAH.

Information Session

 A presentation style recruitment event that allows a broad overview of your company and what kinds of majors, and students your company targets through recruitment. Usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour.

**These two events can be combined to allow you to have full access to our students for $100.00 per session.

On-Campus Recruiting

Charger Path provides you with a platform to schedule on-campus recruiting positions, so you can pre-select candidates and then come to campus to interview them. Career Services will work with you to select and reserve the appropriate space and provide any items that you may need.

Events and Programs

Charger Blue Package

The Charger Blue Package is the way to maximize your recruitment efforts at UAH. For a flat rate of $2,000.00 per academic year, you will receive registration for the following events:

**Fall and Spring Career Fair

**Pick one of the following to add to your package per semester:

Tabling/Information Session or On-Campus Interviews

Career Fairs

Career Fairs are the largest student/alumni and employer events on campus. Reserve a booth and come meet hundreds of highly qualified candidates to fill your job openings. Complete details can be found on the Career Fair webpage.

Employers' Guide to Career Fair

Nursing Career Fair

The Nursing Career Fair is held semi-annually at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semesters. 

On- Campus Interviews

On-Campus Interviews are held the day after the Career Fair in both the Fall and Spring semesters. We will work with you to schedule locations, time slots, and serve as a point of contact for students that are selected to interview. Student interviews can be coordinated throughout the semester as long as one weeks’ notice is given.  The price for on-campus interviews is $100.00.

i4 Employer Engagement

The purpose of i4 is to purposefully match students with employer partners that view these students as potential employees. It is an in-depth introduction to the organization and allows the employer partner to engage with students on a deeper level than the traditional recruiting strategies. i4 is broken down into four phases: introduce, inspire, integrate, and invest. After three years, the employer will have participated in one full life cycle of the program, with a different student cohort in each of the phases.

Student Application: For application updates, fill out this form

Job Fairs

Job Fairs are held on campus semi-annually, during the first week of the Fall and Spring semesters.  The Job Fair provides employers an opportunity to recruit students for positions that aren't directly related to their major program of study, but affords valuable work experience and transferable skills for future career endeavors.  To participate as an employer, please complete the registration form found here.

Month of Externships

UAH’s Month of Externships Program offers students of all majors and academic levels the opportunity to gain real-world experience by shadowing professionals in their fields. Students can shadow for a few hours to a few days, giving them the opportunity to translate their course-work into career-work. Through externships, students can experience career fields early in their education and become passionate about pursuing them further. Employer-Hosts have the opportunity to network with potential co-op students, interns, and future employees by working with the next generation of talent. Externships will be held during the month of March each year.

To sign up:

Employers: Registration for Employer hosts for 2024: Coming January 2025

Students: Student Registration for Spring 2024: Coming January 2025


UAH’s Mentor-A-Charger (MAC) Program is a mentorship program that pairs students with members of the professional community. Students of all majors and academic levels are encouraged to participate. Mentors and mentees will interact through one-on-one meetings (in person or virtually) to discuss job interests, professional advice, life skills, and needs determined by the mentee and/or mentor. The program begins in September and runs through December each year. Potential mentors, review additional information about MAC in the MAC Employer Handbook.

To sign up:

Mentors:  Registration for Fall 2024: REGISTER HERE

Students: Registration for Fall 2024: REGISTER HERE

*Closes August 21st, 2024