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Academic Advising is an important part of your academic success at UAH and your primary resource for academic course selection, planning, and guidance. If you are a major or minor within the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, you have the option to see either of our Academic Advisors. Both advisors are experts on all of our programs.

Academic Advisors

Jana Savanapridi Academic Advisor Joshua Riddle Academic Advisor

Academic Advising FAQ

    • To officially declare your major, minor and program of study
    • Ensure you are taking the appropriate courses to graduate in a timely manner
    • Develop educational plan and set goals
    • Help you navigate UAH - from academic resources to student engagement
    • Discuss how to connect your academic program with career goals
    • You can make an appointment with an Advisor Monday through Friday, 8:15 AM-5:00 PM in Morton Hall, Room 131 by using the links above.
    • Students should be specific about the nature of their appointment to ensure the best possible assistance and guidance from their Advisors.
    • Are you a NEW Student? You can make appointments too! We encourage new students to schedule appointments with an Academic Advisor after their acceptance to UAH. All new students are required to complete New Student Orientation. If you are a prospective student looking to visit campus, please schedule a campus visit with the Office of Admissions.
    • Schedule regular appointments (and be on time). Ask questions! Let us know if you have questions about your major, course load, and anything you may not understand about your UAH degree program.
    • Utilize Degree Works regularly. Wondering what you have left for your program? This online software through your MyUAH account will clearly show your progress and give recommendations on what classes to take next term.
    • Observe academic deadlines and know when to register, drop/add, or withdraw.
    • Keep us informed! Changing your major? Have a situation that disrupts your ability to complete classes? Let us know.
    • Ask for help EARLY! We want to help, if you are struggling with your coursework, please let us know.
  • Students should consider the following “milestones” as they progress at UAH in order to stay on track to graduate in a timely manner.

    • Freshman Year
      • Declaring a major
      • Successfully completing the First Year Experience (FYE) course
    • Sophomore Year
      • Declaring a minor by the end of the 1st semester of sophomore year
      • Applying and completing an experiential learning experience - including studying abroad, internships, co-ops, or research
    • Junior Year
      • Checking in with your Academic Advisors during the spring semester to ensure you are on track to graduate
      • Continue to build your resume through internships, co-ops, or research
    • Senior Year
      • Requesting a Degree Audit
      • Applying to Graduate (February for Summer Graduation, June for a Fall Graduation, September for a Spring Graduation)
    • Minimum total of 120 hours to graduate; some programs require more
    • Minimum of 36 hours at 300 level or above
    • Minimum of 25% of degree hours must be earned at UAH (30 hours)
    • Minimum of 12 of the last 18 hours must be taken at UAH
    • Minimum GPA of 2.0 in Major, 2.0 in Minor, and 2.0 overall
    • Minimum GPA for teacher education candidates 2.5 overall, 2.5 in Major, and 2.75 in educational coursework
    • Maximum of 60 hours transferred from two-year institutions
    • Maximum of 6 hours of HPE to be counted towards degree
    • Most Majors in our College, with the exception of the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and most Music Majors, require a Minor, a Second Major, or a Dual Major
    • If you want to change your Major or Minor, you can do so by filling out the Change of College Form. Once you have filled it out, drop it by our office, or email it to us. We will sign it, date it, and send it to the Registrar’s Office to be officially changed.
    • Adding/dropping classes can be completed to a certain date and time each calendar year (see Academic Calendar). Adding and dropping classes can affect your financial aid and your university bill, we encourage you to consult Financial Aid.
    • If you drop a class before the drop date, it will not appear on your transcript and you will get a refund. Please always consult your academic advisor and Financial Aid before dropping a course.
    • If you withdraw from a class, meaning you remove yourself from the course after the last add/drop date, it will appear as a W (withdrawal) on your transcript, and you will not get a refund for the class. Please always consult your academic advisor and Financial Aid before withdrawing from a course.

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If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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