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The Master of Arts in Teaching Music degree prepares individuals with any bachelor’s degree in music (BA, BM, BS) to become a certified choral or instrumental music teacher in the State of Alabama while simultaneously earning a master’s degree. The program is designed with working professionals in mind, with most courses offered online or in the late afternoon or early evening. The curriculum is divided evenly between the expert faculties of the UAH College of Education and the Department of Music. If you are a musician with a degree in music and wish to become a certified music educator, this is the program for you!

Program Outcomes:
  • The student will demonstrate graduate-level proficiency on an applied instrument or voice through entrance an audition, culminating in a final recital.
  • The student will demonstrate education competencies and classroom strategies, culminating in a full-time internship experience.
  • The student will earn a Class A Teaching License in the State of Alabama.
  • The student will earn a Master of Arts in Teaching Music degree from UAH.


Students are now able to apply for admission for Summer 2024 & Fall 2024 entry terms.


Schedule an appointment with an advisor:

The Department of Music  256.824.6436