UAH student music audition 2020

At The University of Alabama in Huntsville, all students can be involved in the Department of Music, regardless of academic major, and are invited to participate in departmental music ensembles and enroll in applied private lessons.

Fall 2024 Entrance Auditions for Music Majors/Minors

All students wishing to study music as a major or a minor must first audition. For Fall 2024 entrance, prospective students may audition live/in person on Saturday, March 2, 2024 or by submitting a video audition prior to March 2, 2024. Instructions on creating and submitting a video audition are detailed below. Contact the Music Office for more information.

All Auditionees must first submit an Audition Application Form. To access and submit, click on the link below.

Audition Requirements are detailed at the bottom of this page, specific to each performance area. Please adhere to the guidelines particular to your area of performance in preparing your audition.

For a Virtual Audition

To submit a Virtual Video Audition, follow these 3 steps: 

  • Step 1: Record your Video Audition. See below for recording requirements and suggestions.
  • Step 2: Upload the video recording to YouTube. See below for instructions.
  • Step 3: Complete and submit the Audition Application Form by clicking on the button below.
Step 1: Record your video
  1. Briefly introduce yourself, giving your name, hometown, high school, what UAH musical opportunities interest you, and anything else you’d like to add.
  2. Announce what you will be performing (titles/composers), then play or sing your selections. Please follow all Audition Requirements specific to your performance area, as listed below.

Recording requirements

  • Record your audition in one, continuous, unedited take. Do not turn off the camera between selections.
  • Your face, fingers, valves, slides, sticks, etc. must remain visible at all times.
Step 2: Upload your video to YouTube
  • Upload your audition to YouTube as an UNLISTED VIDEO.
  • Please check to make sure the permissions are set so that we can view it.
  • Secure a link to the video and copy/paste the link into the Audition Application Form.
Step 3: Fill out the Audition Application Form
  • Fill out the Audition Application Form by clicking on the button below.
  • Don’t forget to add the YouTube link to your Video Audition.
  • Once completed, click Submit.

AUDITION application FORM

Scholarship Availability

Scholarships are available to eligible students, regardless of declared major. For fullest scholarship consideration, interested students must comply with audition/submission dates listed above.

If you do not plan to major or minor in Music, but do wish to audition for one of our performing ensembles, go HERE for more information.

Audition Requirements (repertoire, etudes, scales, etc.)


  • A chromatic scale from your lowest note to highest, followed by 2 major scales of your choice, as many octaves as possible
  • 2 pieces in contrasting style or tempo, such as 2 varying etudes or 2 movements of a sonata or concerto  (Selections from all-district band/orchestra auditions are acceptable.)
  • Percussionists: Please audition on your strongest instrument but tell us about your experience on other instruments in your video introduction. If auditioning on snare drum, in lieu of the chromatic scale requirement, include a few common rudiments of your choice.


  • Two compositions of contrasting styles that exhibit musical and technical difficulty
  • Repertoire should be performed from memory.


  • State your voice part or range.
  • Perform 2 songs in contrasting styles or languages.
  • You may sing with a live accompanist (encouraged), an accompaniment track, or without accompaniment (least preferred).

What happens next?

A music faculty member or ensemble director will contact you regarding your audition. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Music Office.