Master of Arts in History 


Face-to-face with some hybrid and online courses

Credit hours
Course Requirements
Time to complete Approximately 18 months if full-time, including summer
Time of day

Late afternoon and evening classes during term, online/hybrid during summer 

Start dates Fall, spring, summer
Application deadlines Spring
  • Sept. 1 (if currently living outside the United States)
  • Nov. 30 (if currently living inside the United States)
  • Feb. 1 (if currently living outside the United States)
  • March 15 (if currently living inside the United States)
  • April 1 (if currently living outside the United States)
  • June 1 (if currently living inside the United States)
Admissions Requirements At least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA and an undergrad degree in history or sufficient coursework.  We also admit students with related degrees and relevant work experience.
Tuition and fees
Graduate Financial Aid

Thesis Information:

Thesis work requires a minimum GPA of 3.75.  In a thesis, the student demonstrates their capability to do historical research, think independently, engage in historiography, and analyze sources historically.    

A thesis requires independent work and self-discipline. A thesis will take a year, often slightly more, to write and revise. Remember that once you have a full draft, you are only halfway done! Most students will revise the first draft at least twice before being ready for an oral defense. 

Note: The History Dept. suggests enrolling in HY590 to start one’s research. Consider taking your first HY699 in the spring so that you have the summer to research and write. 

The History Dept requires the following before a student can start a thesis: 

A Letter of Intent submitted, approved and signed the semester before embarking on HY699 thesis work. This letter ensures the student has a clear topic and direction, adequate primary sources, support of a thesis director, a 3.75 GPA, and approval of the History Thesis Committee. Due: April 1st year; Nov. 1 1st year. 

First Semester (HY699) Thesis Requirements:

Committee determined: The student will work with their advisor to identify 2 other faculty members for their thesis committee. At least half of the committee must be 1) full-time UAH faculty members and 2) have full membership in the graduate faculty. A majority must be from the degree-granting department. Submit the names of those faculty members to the thesis adviser. 

Second semester (HY699) Requirements:
  • Full, complete draft of the thesis must be submitted to all committee members at least three weeks before the oral defense is scheduled. Committee members will provide written feedback within 3 weeks. 
  • Form submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies two weeks prior to the oral defense. 
  • An Oral Defense must be scheduled in a timely fashion, following due dates prescribed by the Office of Graduate Studies. The student will work with their advisor and thesis committee to schedule the defense. 
  • A thesis submitted to Graduate School: The thesis must be signed by the committee, department chair, and college dean and sent for approval by the graduate dean. This date is very early in the second semester of HY699, so plan ahead accordingly. 
  • Theses must comply with the regulations set forth UAH’s Thesis and Dissertation Manual
  • Additional information on UAH graduate requirements for the thesis is outlined here.