Your thesis is one of the most important requirements for your graduate degree. This document will be published as a product of UAH and as such must reflect the standards, policies and procedures set forth by the Graduate Council of UAH, as well as those of external entities that will be involved in its publication. We expect these documents to be reasonably consistent in style and format, to address any legal and ethical issues related to conducting and publishing original research, and to adhere to the highest standards of English language, grammar and readability.

Preparation of such an important document is no simple task. Therefore, the Thesis and Dissertation Manual is provided to assist you.

Thesis, Dissertation, and DNP Project Manual

All submissions must follow the guidelines in the current manual. To access optional, easy-to-use templates that meet the formatting requirements explained in the manual, please double-click the appropriate link below. These templates also serve as an example of what your thesis/dissertation/DNP project should look like. Previous versions of the manual and templates are no longer valid.

If you will produce a technical document, we recommend that you use the LaTeX template linked below.

If you require greater formatting flexibility, we recommend that you use the Word template linked below. DNP students should use the template provided by their program.

Microsoft Word Template  – After opening the document, select File →Download→Microsoft Word (.docx). Do not try to edit or save as a Google Doc.

LaTeX Template – If you do not currently have an account with Overleaf, you will need to register for a free account after clicking on the link in order to view and edit the LaTeX file. This template works best when used online in Overleaf. Begin with this template instead of importing into it.

LaTeX Tutorial – If you are unfamiliar with navigating LaTeX, click the link to view a short tutorial video that will help you to get started.