It is critical for students to take the right courses to set them on a path to success. Academic placement for new students is based on standardized test results, AP/IB scores, and/or previous college credit. Students who wish for their placement to be re-evaluated may do so with updated test results or through placement testing at UAH. We strongly advise placement re-evaluation prior to attending New Student Orientation. 

To Schedule a Testing Re-evaluation

English Composition

UAH Testing Services

Foreign Language

Department of World Languages and Cultures


Math Placement Test*
*No more than one attempt will be considered. 

To Send Updated ACT/SAT Scores

If you have re-taken your ACT or SAT and have updated test scores, please be sure that you have those official test scores sent to UAH’s Office of Admissions so that your file can be updated. Scores can be ordered by contacting the appropriate testing agency:

school code: 0053

school code: 1854

Scores can be mailed to:
UAH Office of Admissions, SSB 106
301 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899



Math placement is based on your ACT (Math), SAT (Math) scores, AP scores, previous college credit, or the Math Placement test. Students admitted as test-optional will be placed into one of the following courses depending upon their major: MA 105, MA 106, MA 107S, MA 110S, or MA 112S.

Placement Level UAH Placement Exam Score ACT Math Score SAT Math Score AP Calculus Test Score Course Options for Placement Level*
Level 0 < 40% 21 or lower 490 or lower - MA 106, 107S, 110S,112S
Level 1 40% - 59% 22 - 24 500 - 590 - MA 107, 110, 112, 150
Level 2 60% - 79% 25 - 27 600 - 630 3 (on AP PreCalculus test) MA 113, 115, 120, 171S
Level 3 80% or higher 28 or higher 640 - 800 4 or 5 (on AP PreCalculus test MA 171
N/A N/A N/A N/A 3 (either AP Calculus (AB or BC) test) MA 172 (credit for MA 171)
N/A N/A N/A N/A 4 or 5 (only the AP Calculus BC test) MA 201 (credit for MA 172)

Class choice is determined by major. Please consult with your academic advisor.


Chemistry placement is based on your ACT or SAT Math placement.

UAH CH Placement LevelUAH Math Placement LevelACT Math ScoreRedesigned SAT Math ScoreUAH Chemistry Placement
0000 0 19 or lower 480 or lower N/A
0101 1000 20-24 500-590 CH 101 Introduction to Chemistry and CH 105 Lab
0121 2000-3000 25-36 600-800 CH 121 General Chemistry and CH 125 Lab

English Composition

Placement is based on your ACT English or SAT Evidence-based Reading & Writing scores, high school GPA, and/or diagnostic essay evaluation. Students admitted with no test scores will be placed into EH 101S and the co-requisite EH 101L course. Students who wish to appeal this placement should review the requirements on the Testing Services website.

UAH Placement LevelACT English ScoreRedesigned SAT Evidence-based Reading & Writing ScoreUAH English Placement
0000 19 or lower 290 or lower EH 101S College Writing I w/ Studio
0101 20 or higher 300 or higher EH 101 College Writing I
UAH English Placement LevelACT Composite ScoreRedesigned SAT Composite ScoreHS GPAUAH English Placement
0103 26 or higher 1240 or higher 3.5 or higher EH 103 - Accelerated College Writing

Foreign Language

Placement is based on the number of language courses completed in high school. Foreign language is not required for all majors. FL 101, 102, 201, and 202 are offered for Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.

UAH Placement LevelHS Units Completed in Same LanguageUAH Language Placement
0101 0-2* FL 101, FL 102
0201 3-4 FL 201, FL 202

* Minimum grade of C required for a unit to be counted.

999 Placement Level

This level indicates that you have completed college credits in the designated subject. Please see your academic advisor to determine how this affects your recommended course sequence.


What if I have Advanced Placement (AP) scores that give credit for a course?

To receive credit for AP exam scores you must have the official results sent directly to the Office of the Registrar from (use School Code: 1854). Current year results are not available until early July. For a complete listing of AP credit awards, visit

I’ve taken additional coursework through dual enrollment or at my previous institution since I was admitted. How does that affect my placement?

If you have taken additional dual enrollment coursework or any coursework at another institution since you were originally admitted, please have your final official transcripts sent to the Office of Admissions to ensure that appropriate credit and placement are awarded.

If I elect to take one or more of the placement exams, do I have to wait until New Student Orientation to take the exam?

No, and due to space limitations, local students in particular may want to take the test ahead of your scheduled orientation session if possible.

Is there a cost for placement exams?

There is no cost for UAH placement exams.


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