What are placement tests?

All students who are beginning college-level course work in English, Mathematics, and Chemistry are placed at the level best suited to their academic preparation and background. Placement tests help to determine students' preparedness within these areas. Placements are determined by the respective academic departments based on the student's score(s).

English Placement

  • ACT or SAT scores and high school grades determine placement in English Composition.
  • Students admitted to UAH as test-score optional will be placed in EH 101S/L, an EH 101 equivalent course which requires the addition of a weekly lab for student support. Appeals to this placement can be made by taking the Composition Placement Test or by utilizing a Placement Survey and submitted writing sample (detailed below).
  • Composition Placement Tests for EH 101 are by appointment only. Call Instructional & Testing Services at 256-824-6725 to schedule an appointment.
  • You should bring a valid photo ID (driver's license, Charger Card, military ID, etc.) and either your student A# or SSN. All other materials will be provided for you.
  • Composition Placement is 45 minutes and consists of one essay question.
  • Composition essays are graded and reported by the English Department, who will notify you when your results are complete. See the English Department website.
  • There is no charge for Placement testing.
  • Composition Placement tests may only be taken once.
  • Students who cannot travel to campus for the Composition Placement test can request a teacher recommendation survey be sent to their previous high school English teachers for completion. This option also requires students to submit a writing sample to be read by English faculty. To request this option, please email english@uah.edu and use the phrase in your subject line.

Math Placement

Math placement information can be found on the Mathematical Sciences Placement website.

Chemistry Placement

Placement into Chemistry 121 is based on determined placement in Mathematics. Please contact College of Science Academic Advising at 256.824.2505 for more information.