Graduate JUMP Program

UAH's Joint Undergraduate Master's Program (JUMP) allows undergraduate students to study at the graduate level.

  • Save money - Pay undergrad tuition for grad classes taken as a JUMP student
  • Graduate sooner - Double count undergrad classes for grad degree
  • Don't stress - No application fee or entrance exam


  • Apply any time before your last semester.
  • Meet with your college JUMP advisor and submit your application.

JUMP Eligible Programs

More JUMP! programs are being established if yours is not listed below.

Your Current Undergraduate DegreeDesired JUMP Master DegreeJUMP Advisor
Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering Gabe Xu
Aerospace Engineering Mechanical Engineering George Nelson
Biology Biology Biology Chair
Any Undergraduate Degree Business - All Programs Tressa Moore
Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Yu Lei
Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chair
Civil & Environmental Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering Michael Anderson
Computer Engineering Computer Engineering Rhonda Gaede
Computer Science Computer Science Letha Etzkorn
Communication Arts Professional Communication Eletra Gilchrist-Petty
Earth Systems Science Atmospheric Science Larry Carey
Earth Systems Science Earth System Science Larry Carey
Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Ravi Gorur
English English Joseph Conway
History History Christine Sears
Industrial Systems Engineering Industrial Systems Engineering Sampson Gholston
Mathematics Mathematics Sivaguru Ravindran
Mathematics Space Science Space Science Department
Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Systems Engineering Gabe Xu
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering George Nelson
Physics & Astronomy Physics & Astronomy James Miller
Political Science Public Affairs John Pottenger
Psychological Science Psychology Jodi Price

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Official Rules for JUMP

  • For admission to JUMP, students must meet overall GPA requirements* of the college. GPA includes all transfer coursework.
  • Only courses taken at UAH and listed on JUMP application are eligible.
  • Students must receive a B in each JUMP course for it to count towards a graduate degree.
  • Students must maintain a minimum overall GPA throughout JUMP program until graduation.
  • All coursework must be completed within six years of taking their first JUMP class.
  • Students are considered undergraduate students until all requirements for undergraduate degree are met.
  • Students cannot hold a GTA, GRA, or graduate scholarship or fellowship until undergraduate degree is completed.
  • If a change is made to initial JUMP application both a JUMP change form and a change to student's undergraduate Program of Study (POS) must be submitted for approval.
  • If a student's GPA upon graduation is less than the required minimum, the student does not receive admission to the graduate degree program automatically. Student must apply to the graduate school with admission test score and graduate application. Courses will be counted as if the student had been a non-degree seeking graduate student.
  • Students must begin their graduate program within one year of their undergraduate graduation.
  • Email Graduate School when you submit your application for undergraduate graduation.

*Minimum GPA requirements by college or program