Materials related research is carried out by faculty in a wide range of departments in this interdisciplinary program.

         Note: All documents are in Adobe acrobat (.pdf) format.

On December 5th, 2012 a symposium was held to highlight some of the research that is being conducted in the MTS Department.  Click here to download the 2012 Materials Science Symposium brochure.  

Listed below are some of the presentations that were given:

Chemical & Materials Engineering

R. Michael Banish - MTS  banish 2012.pdf
Ramon L. Cerro - Cerro_CoE2012.pdf


James K. Baird - James K. Baird-18th Symposium Talk Powerpoint Rev 1.pdf
Carmen Sholz - Carmen Scholz-MatSciUAH.pdf
Emanuel Waddell - Emanuel Waddell-MTS Symposium 12-2012.pdf
Jeffrey J. Weimer - MTS Presentation JJW.pdf

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Houssam Toutanji -

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Jeff Evans - UAH_Dec 5_2012_Materials Symposium_Evans.pdf
John A. Gilbert - msspres12gilbert.pdf
Mark W. Lin - Mark W. Lin-UAHMTSFaculty.pdf
George Nelson - George J. Nelson-SOFC Microstructural Evolution_UAH MTS Symposium_20121205.pdf
Ken Zuo - KenZuo_MST_Symp_12-05-2012-b.pdf


Seyed M. Sadeghi - Seyed Sadgehi Material science-pre.pdf