The PRC makes extensive use of laboratories for research programs. Several laboratories are administered and maintained by the PRC at the Johnson Research Center and at other locations around the UAH Campus. PRC affiliated faculty also complete research projects in their own laboratories on campus and on Redstone Arsenal.

Facility Usage Policy

Propulsion Test Facility Location
Rocket Test Cell (Cryogenic) UAH Johnson Research Center
Supersonic Wind Tunnel Laboratory (SWTL) UAH Johnson Research Center
Johnson Research Center Location
Charger Rocket Works (Sounding Rockets) UAH Johnson Research Center
Injector Spray Facility UAH Johnson Research Center
Plasma and Electrodynamics Research Lab (PERL) UAH Johnson Research Center
Thermal Fluids Sciences Lab UAH Johnson Research Center
Vacuum Chamber Test Lab UAH Johnson Research Center
Other PRC Location
High-Pressure Solid Propellant Lab UAH Materials Science Building
Solar Thermal Lab UAH Wernher von Braun Research Hall
Other UAH Location
Adaptive Structures Lab UAH Technology Hall
Advanced Manufacturing Processes Laboratory (AMPL) Aerophysics Research Center at Redstone Arsenal
Complex Systems Integration Laboratory (CSIL) UAH Wernher von Braun Research Hall
Mechanics of Materials Under Extreme Environments UAH Optics Building
Transport, Reaction, and Energy Conversion Lab UAH Shelby Center