UAH Operational Excellence experts utilize their experience from various industries by improving industrial and administrative processes throughout and across organizations through the training and implementation of lean and six sigma methodologies, root cause analysis, strategic planning and energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The level of engagement of our experts can range from a plant assessment to training and improvement event facilitation to a full-blown lean transformation. Continuous improvement events alone can result in changeover reductions of over 50%, floor space reductions of 30% and process time reductions of 25% just to name a few. Coupling continuous improvement with supply chain management and energy and environmental improvements can multiply the impact.


What our customers are saying

UAH helped us open our capacity for increased demand. Given a goal, the team applied lean principles and made the improvements necessary to achieve it.

Nick Williams
General Manager, HFI

The results were amazing! We've conducted several events in this area and we're still seeing improvements.

Ken Vest
Plant Manager, Syncro

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