The Office for Operational Excellence certified trainers and practitioners assist organizations in their pursuit of excellence by providing training and support in strategic lean and six sigma deployment, facilitator and leadership development, value stream mapping and rapid improvement event facilitation and support.

Continuous Improvement focus areas include:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Value stream mapping
  • 5S
  • Visual controls
  • Changeover/Setup reduction
  • Pull systems
  • Cellular design
  • Work standardization
  • Facilitator development
  • Improvement even facilitation

OOE Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, Green Belts and NIST Certified trainers have over 100 years combined lean experience in 100's of company engagements in manufacturing, business processes, supply chain and service industries including healthcare.



Training services provided

What our customers are saying:

The success of our team was largely due to the UAH black belt facilitator and the excellent support provided. The facilitator's knowledge of supply chain activities and, more specifically AMCOM's supply chain, was instrumental in keeping the team focused and on track to identify key business areas that will be affected by the program implementation.

Sandra D. Carter, CIO G6, AMCOM


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