We take pride in our ability to develop, tailor or just deliver a training program to meet your needs. Almost all of our training includes hands-on simulations to allow the participants to apply the concepts before they leave the classroom.

We can also conduct training at your facility for your convenience or at our facility or a central location to minimize distractions.

Continuous Improvementooe customized training

Lean Healthcare with Simulations
  • UAH Lean Healthcare Academy (4 days)
  • UAH Lean Healthcare Concepts (1/2-1 day)
  • UAH Lean Healthcare Facilitator

More details at UAH Lean Healthcare

Root Cause Analysis with Simulation (1 day)
Lean Training
  • Lean Enterprise
  • Lean Concepts
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Rapid Improvement Event Facilitation
  • 55 Workplace Organization
  • Rapid Changeover
  • Lean Office
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belt

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management with Simulations (1.5 – 2 days)
Operations Systems Management

Energy and Environmental

Practical Energy I
Practical Energy II
Green Generalist and Green Specialist

Our staff can partner with other departments in the university to develop and deliver training to meet your specific needs.

Contact us to discuss your training needs