The M. Louis Salmon Library has been serving UAHuntsville students since the 1960s. Today, the library carries on the tradition of service to students and faculty of the UAHuntsville community, supporting learning and research in all disciplines. These services and library collections can be strengthened through the generosity of alumni, retirees, parents and friends. Gifts by you to the Salmon Library can help us carry out our mission of providing the very best library and information services possible to our students, faculty, and our community of researchers.

Consider giving to the library. Contributions can be made on-line with a credit card at or by mailing a check to The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Office of Advancement, Shelbie King Hall, Suite 300, Huntsville, Alabama, 35899. Please note M. Louis Salmon Library on your check. Contributions are tax deductible.

The Salmon Library is always looking to expand and improve its collections and services. Your donation can help us to support projects such as:

  • A new 3D printing lab
  • Improved software collections on our computers
  • Display cases for important special collections
  • A new book scanner to better provide timely document delivery
  • Increased collaborative study spaces
  • Improved collections in all subject areas

The Library also welcomes other types of gifts, such as gifts-in-kind and planned gifts. For more information about making a gift to the UAH M. Louis Salmon Library, please contact the Library's Director via email or call 256-824-6540.

The UAH M. Louis Salmon Library Non-Cash Donation Policy

For Books and Other Media, Non-Special Collection Donations

The Salmon Library welcomes donations of books and other media from individuals and groups. Collection development emphasis is placed upon materials which support the Library’s mission of providing support for the University’s curricular and research needs, though materials of particularly unique character, of useful reference, or fitting to recreational and information needs related to the University campus are also accepted.

 There is no minimum donation. Large donations (i.e., donations of many volumes or several boxes) should be arranged ahead of time to make sure we have storage capacity for the books while they are being assessed.

 The Salmon Library may not be able to accept a donation, especially in the case of duplicates or books far outside of its focus. Even if a donation is accepted, the donor grants the Library the right to dispose of books which do not pass assessment (whether through passing the books along to someone else or to some other entity, or through other means). Generally, the Library cannot accept special limitations on a donation (e.g., requirements that they are placed in specific sections, that they are displayed in certain ways, or that they are given to someone specific in case of non-acceptance). Exceptions can be made, but will be so at the discretion of the Library Director.

The Library will make receipt of the amount of materials received. However, due to IRS regulations (See: Internal Revenue Code  §170 - Charitable, etc., contributions and gifts and IRS Publication 561 - Fair Market Value) the Salmon Library cannot appraise the value of the donation. If a dollar value amount is needed by the donor, the donor will have to have that performed prior to the donation. Any donation intended to be deducted for tax purposes will need to be filed with the UAH Office of Advancement after the Library has accepted the donation (forms will be provided). Due to IRS policies, any donation valued over $5000 by a Qualified Appraiser can only be accepted with prior arrangement by the Library.

For Non-Cash Special Collection Donations

Gifts directed to the Salmon Library Special Collections must be arranged with the Archivist prior to gifting.

For Other Non-Cash Donations

Contact the Library Director’s Office to discuss the donation.