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With at least 10 years of creditable service with The Teachers' Retirement System of Alabama(TRSA), employees are guaranteed a retirement income for life - beginning at age 
60 for Tier 1 members or age 62 for Tier 2 members. Tier 1 members can retire at any age with 25 or more years of creditable service.  Please review a checklist of items to be completed in the retirement application process. 

  • Complete Part 1 of the TRS Application for Retirement.  Form 10 must be completed 60 - 90 days prior to retirement. 
  • Provide written notification to your immediate supervisor at least 30 days in advance of your retirement. 
  • Contact Social Security Administration. 
  • Complete Part 2 of the TRS Application for Retirement. 
  • Complete your PEEHIP enrollment. 
  • Contact RSA-1or TIAA if you want to begin receiving income distributions. 
  • Complete the Employee Offboarding Process.
Important:  Retirement Application Instructions

Click here to review the instructions to complete the retirement application. The section below provides required forms and additional tools to complete the application process.

Retirement Forms and Other Online Tools

TRS Application for Retirement Packet

UAH Retirement Application Process 

Post Retirement Employment Restrictions (TRS and Alabama Ethics Commission Revolving Door Policy)

TRS Steps to Retirement Videos

TRS Retirement Benefit Estimate Calculator

PEEHIP: Health Insurance in Retirement FAQs

TRS - PEEHIP Retiree Premium Calculator

UAH Offboarding Process

Retiree Email Account Request Form

UAH Retiree Association | Brochure