Process and Procedures


Due to the limited operations that the University is under due to COVID-19, the Offboarding process has been modified to help employees with the separation process.  As we continue to limit the in-person interactions to prevent the spread of the virus, employees do not need to go to each functional area.  Below are steps for the employee and the department.  If there are questions, please call Human Resources at 256-824-6640 or email


  1. Submit a letter of resignation to inform your supervisor 
  2. Return any keys, University property, (laptop computers, uniforms, P-cards, etc) and your UAH photo ID card to your immediate supervisor 
  3. Provide your forwarding address, email, and phone to your supervisor for the completion of the Separation Checklist Form
  4. If applicable to you, you will need to contact the following offices by phone to make arrangements for check-out:
  1. Complete the Staff Employee Exit Form
  2. You will receive a follow-up letter from Human Resources regarding your benefits.  You may refer to the Benefits Summary or call 256-824-6640 if you have questions. 

Supervisor and Department

Complete Department Checklist For Terminating Employees.

    • Ensure the employee information:  forwarding address, email and phone number is completed.
    • Complete Section 1 and 2
    • Sign and date the form once complete
    • Email the completed form to

Human Resources

Human Resources will contact all other functional areas required and will contact the employee if there are any outstanding issues.