Process and Procedures

Offboarding is the process an employee must complete when separating employment from the University.  Below are the steps that the employee, supervisor, and department should follow to complete this process.  

Employee Responsibilities
  1. Submit a letter of resignation to inform your supervisor 
  2. Return the following to your immediate supervisor:
    • University property, (keys, laptop computers, uniforms, P-cards, etc.)
    • UAH photo Charger ID card 
  3. Provide your forwarding address, email, and phone to your supervisor for the completion of the Department Separation Checklist Form
  4. If applicable, contact the following departments by phone to make arrangements for check-out:
  1. Complete the Staff Employee Exit Form
  2. Review the Benefits Summary
Supervisor and Department Responsibilities

Complete Department Checklist For Terminating Employees

    • Ensure the employee information (forwarding address, email and phone number) is completed.
    • Complete Section 1 and 2
    • Sign and date the form once complete
    • Email the completed form to
Human Resources Responsibilities
    • Human Resources will contact all other functional areas required and notify the employee if there are any outstanding issues.
    • Human Resources will send a Offboarding packet that includes information regarding your benefits. 
      • Contact our office for assistance


State of Alabama Ethics Commission
Revolving Door Policy 

The general information below pertains to non-retirees.  If you are a retiree interested in re-employment at UAH, please review the Post-Retirement Employment Restrictions here.

Individuals who terminate from positions which may be subject to the revolving door provision as defined by the Alabama Ethics Commission should discuss their retirement/re-employment plans with the Benefits area of Human Resources. In general, the revolving door provision applies to individuals who terminate from positions of authority. These are positions in which the incumbents have authority to hire, fire, make purchases, approve or grant contracts, etc. Ultimately, the individual employee will need to consult the Alabama Ethics Commission for a final decision on whether or not their position is/was a position of authority.   If the individual is/was in a position of authority, that individual cannot be re-employed at UAH for a period of two (2) years.

Employees interested in returning to work in a part-time capacity should email the Ethics Commission at (include the former job description) to seek approval to potentially continue working at UAH based on the full scope of your circumstances.  Continued employment is not guaranteed after separation from the University.  Once you receive a decision from the Ethics Commission, please forward a copy to if you plan to seek employment at UAH in the future.