Retirees who are receiving retirement benefits from the Teachers’ Retirement System of Alabama (TRSA) are subject to reemployment earnings restrictions post-retirement from The Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA).  Also, certain employees may be subject to the State of Alabama Ethics Commission Revolving Door Provisions that prohibits reemployment at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) for a period of two years from the retirement effective date.  Please review the information below and follow the requirements as instructed to ensure adherence to these post-retirement employment restrictions are met.

The Retirement Systems of Alabama

Limitation on Earnings

A retiree that returns to work at UAH must have a 30 day break in-service prior to reemployment. They may continue to receive full retirement benefits provided that the member: 

  1. Is not employed or under contract for permanent full-time employment; and
  2. Does not receive compensation in excess of the annual calendar year limit set by TRSA. The limit is subject to change from year to year based on the Consumer Price index.  During the year in which retirement is effective, retirees are subject to a prorated earnings limit based upon the number of months remaining in the calendar year.

If a retiree's earnings exceed the above limit, the retirement benefit will be suspended for the remainder of the calendar year.  This earnings limitation also applies to retirees who provide services to participating agencies on a contractual or consulting basis.  It is the retiree's responsibility to comply with the post retirement regulations set by TRSA.  

Employment with private industry, private education, or a non-participating agency will not affect a service retiree's benefit from TRSA.  However, PEEHIP has specific policies regarding retirees that have access to other group employer coverage.  Please contact PEEHIP regarding effects on your medical benefits.   

If you return to work for an agency that participates in TRSA or ERS, you are required to complete the Retiree Notice of Post-retirement Employment form.

TRSA Resources

Retiree Notice of Postretirement Employment Form

2022 Retiree Notice on Postretirement Employment Restrictions

2023 Retiree Notice on Postretirement Employment Restrictions

2024 Retiree Notice on Postretirement Employment Restrictions

TRSA Retirees Website  

State of Alabama Ethics Commission

Revolving Door Policy

Individuals who retire from positions which may be subject to the revolving door provision as defined by the Alabama Ethics Commission should discuss their retirement/re-employment plans with the Benefits area of Human Resources. In general, the revolving door provision applies to individuals who retire from positions of authority. These are positions in which the incumbents have authority to hire, fire, make purchases, approve or grant contracts, etc. Ultimately, the individual employee will need to consult the Alabama Ethics Commission for a final decision on whether or not their position is/was a position of authority.   If the individual is/was in a position of authority, that individual cannot be re-employed at UAH for a period of two (2) years unless they choose to suspend retirement benefits from the Retirement Systems of Alabama.

Retired employees interested in returning to work in a part-time capacity should email the Ethics Commission at (include the former job description) to seek approval to potentially continue working at UAH based on the full scope of your circumstances.  Continued employment is not guaranteed post-retirement.  Once you receive a decision from the Ethics Commission, please forward a copy to if you plan to seek post-retirement employment at UAH in the future.