UAH Campus at night, showing campus night lights.

UAH is one of Huntsville Utilities’ largest utilities customers and spends over $6.5 million dollars annually on utilities. Therefore, it is essential that the campus adopt an Energy Management Policy to promote the conservation of energy. This will result in savings that can be invested in University infrastructure upgrades in addition to conserving our natural resources. Although energy conservation is the focus, comfortable work and learning conditions must also be achieved.

Facilities & Operations promotes a culture of sustainability and financial stewardship with strategies and projects that support energy conservation, cost reduction, and infrastructure improvement. The University’s energy management program is designed to reduce energy and water consumption along with operating and maintenance expenditures by the implementation of energy conservation projects.

Facilities & Operations has university-wide responsibility for leading the effort to minimize energy use and for implementing the energy management program. The program seeks to both achieve energy savings and minimize the environmental impact of the University’s current and future operations.

The energy management program at UAH is a comprehensive program that considers all opportunities for achieving energy savings. This includes:

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Alumni Spotlight

Claire Jackson

Mechanical Engineering '09

UAH Director, Utilities & Sustainability

"Graduating from UAH with a degree in Engineering gave me the skills to succeed in the utility & energy industry thus giving me the opportunity to lead the Energy Management and Sustainability programs here at UAH."