Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is a diverse and rapidly changing field that consists of four fundamental technical disciplines: aerodynamics, structures and materials, propulsion, and flight mechanics and control. Aerospace engineers have traditionally applied their knowledge of these disciplines to the design and development of high performance flight systems such as aircraft, rotorcraft, spacecraft, missiles and rockets. In addition, today's aerospace engineer may also work on projects including advanced additive manufacturing, automotive design, wind and solar energy systems, vehicle operations and cybersecurity.

Your curriculum begins with courses in the humanities, fundamental math and science, and general engineering. You then take courses in the four fundamental aerospace technical disciplines. Your program culminates with a course in spacecraft design and a capstone design sequence where you can choose projects ranging from aircraft to rocket design. You also choose two Technical Elective courses in advanced math, science or engineering.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering applies the principles of physics and materials science for design, analysis and manufacturing of mechanical and thermal systems. Mechanical engineers use core concepts: mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics and tools: computer-aided design and modeling to design and build machines, weapons, medical devices, and robotics.

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Advising and Mentoring

MAE majors receive curriculum advising from Center for Engineering Education (CUE2) which is located in the Engineering Building Room 157. Students are free to make an appointment to speak with an advisor to discuss curriculum planning, progress towards graduation, and problems with classes or other concerns as needed.

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Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department

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