Introduction to Machining (MAE 115)

Location: OKT W100, Contact: Mr. Jon Buckley

The Machine Shop is a large 5000 sq. ft. facility that is located on the West side of the Olin B King Technology Hall building in room W100.  The space is run and supported out of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department led by Jon Buckley.  There are many Milling Machines, Lathes and other various fabrication tools in the shop that students use including MIG and TIG welders, Plasma Cutter, Vertical and Horizontal saws, CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) equipment from HAAS.  In addition to that there are some FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printing machines and a Universal Laser that can cut as well as engrave components for student projects.  The purpose of this shop is to support Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering students where they can gain hands-on experience developing their projects in order to strengthen their understanding of Design and how that relates to Manufacturing and Product Development.

Numerical Methods Lab (MAE 284L)

Location: OKT N278, Contact: Dr. Kim Xu

The computer lab in OKT N278 consists of 42 desktop computers and monitors, an instructor PC, as well as projectors and monitors which display the desktop of the instructor PC. It also includes sound and video recording equipment for recording the labs.  This multi-use lab and other on-campus computer labs are used for the Numerical Methods class (MAE 284) which, in addition to numerical methods, covers structured programming and the Matlab programming language.

 Computer Aided Engineering (MAE 489)

Location: OKT N278, Contact: Mr. David Fikes

MAE 489 is a computer aided engineering design and analysis course using Patran and Nastran software as the primary tools for finite element analysis (FEA). The computer lab in N278 has approximately 40 PCs with the software loaded to perform FEA assignments and projects. Two additional MAE computer labs in N214 and N216 also have the software installed. For at-home-use, the student version of MSC Patran and Nastran are used. Projects include stress, structural loads, dynamic, thermal, and non-linear analysis of engineering structures.