Electrical and Computer Engineering

Our research areas reflect the diversity of the electrical and computer engineering profession and range from the small (nano-scale electronic devices and embedded systems), to the large (control of spacecraft, computer networks and internet of things). Our faculty are involved in cybersecurity, health monitoring, antennas, and radar systems for defense and peace-time applications.

Graduate students are involved in all of our research activities and have access to state-of-the-art facilities such as the electromagnetic anechoic chamber, power systems insulation, optical systems, cybersecurity and signal processing laboratories.

These research efforts are aligned with national grand challenges in global security, healthcare technology, communications technology and information management.

Please refer to individual faculty webpages for more information on their research.

Our Areas of Specialization and faculty involved are listed below (Some faculty work in more than one area).

Specialization Faculty
Antennas/applied electromagnetics Dr. Maria Pour, Dr. Earl Wells
Computer Systems Dr. Rhonda Gaede, Dr. Emil Jovanov, Dr. Aleksandar Milenkovic, Dr. Earl Wells
Controls Dr. Avimanyu Sahoo
Cybersecurity Dr. David Coe, Dr. Thomas Morris
Electronics Dr. Aubrey Beal
Devices Dr. Timothy Boykin, Dr. Jennifer English, Dr. Fat Duen Ho
Optics and photonics Dr. Junpeng Guo, Dr. Robert Lindquist
Software Engineering Dr. David Coe
Systems Dr. Aubrey Beal, Dr. Ravi Gorur, Dr. Laurie Joiner, Dr. David Pan, Dr. Avimanyu Sahoo, Dr. Yuri Shtessel