What constitutes care, custody or control of a minor?

  • When parents or guardians will not be present
  • When a person is directly responsible for a child
  • When a person has authority over children
  • When a person handles disciplinary measures of children
  • One-on-one interactions are prohibited unless authorized by the Director of Compliance. Approved one-on-one interactions may take place only in open, well-illuminated spaces or rooms observable by other adults from the activity or program.

How do I know if I need to register my event with the Office of Compliance?

Any program or activity that: includes children where volunteers or event staff will have any care, custody or control; and any that the University operates on and/or off campus or in University facilities, including, but not limited to:

  • overnight camps
  • instructional programs
  • student organization events
  • day camps
  • academic camps
  • sports camps
  • third parties renting space on campus
  • Faculty or staff who bring children to campus as interns or volunteers (e.g., to intern in a laboratory).

  • Exceptions:

    • Undergraduate and graduate academic programs in which individuals under the age of 18 are enrolled for academic credit or have been accepted for enrollment.
    • Events on campus open to the general public that children attend with their parents or guardians.
    • Events on campus open to registered attendees where children attend with their parents, teachers or guardians.
    • Medical care given to children in a UAH patient-care setting.
    • Children employed by the University.

    Is there a deadline for registration?

    What if I do not submit the required paperwork within the four-week period?

    • We ask for the information early so we can make sure the policy is being followed, and to allow time to gather all information.
    • For example, those with care, custody or control of minors will need to submit to a background check. Background checks take 5-7 business days to complete. If the checks are not returned with a “cleared” result before the event begins – then your event cannot be held on campus.
    • If the required training is not completed before the event, you will not be able to host the event on campus.
    • It is the point of contact’s responsibility to follow up with staff/volunteers regarding these items, not the Intake Officer.

    What responsibilities do I have as the Event Point of Contact?

    • The Event Point of Contact is responsible for submitting both the Child Protection Registration Form and the Staff Information Form to the CPP@uah.edu email address four weeks in advance of the event or activity.
    • There must be a safe transportation plan in place explaining how the children will be transported to and from the event location.
    • Emergency plans, including guidelines for weather emergencies and for communicating and responding to Emergency Notifications
    • Parent Packages
    • Securing reasonable accommodations for children with disabilities if needed
    • Overnight monitoring Plans (if applicable): if the event involves staying overnight, what monitoring processes will be in place?

    What are the counselor to participant ratios?

    Programs or activities involving children should have a minimum of two individuals responsible for oversight. In large groups of participants, programs may need to provide additional oversight of campers, depending on the intended activities. Regardless of the number of participants, at least 80% of the counselors must be age 18 or older. Information can be found on page 2 of the Child Protection Policy Guidebook.

    What training is required?

    All persons assisting in the event or activity must be familiar with and understand the Mandatory Reporting responsibilities under Ala. Code § 26-14-3 (2012).

    • Mandatory Reporting: If you know or suspect that a child is a victim of child abuse or neglect, you must act. In deciding whether or not to report an incident or situation of suspected abuse or neglect, it is not required that you have proof that abuse or neglect has occurred. First, immediately report the information to: The University of Alabama in Huntsville Police Department at 256.824.6596. In addition to making an oral report, you must also complete a Child Abuse or Neglect Report Form and deliver the same to the UAH Police and Director of Compliance.
    • In addition to the Mandatory Training requirements, any person with care, custody or control of children must also complete both the Clery Training as well as the Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct Training. Instructions can be found on the Compliance website. If all training has been completed within the past 365 days, there is no need to complete the training again.

    Does the office need a copy of my training completion certificate?

    • No. We are able to see who has completed the training through the United Educators software.

    Which staff/volunteers need a background check?

    • Any faculty, staff, appointee, student, student employee, graduate associate, volunteer, or third-party vendor who are likely to have responsibility for the care, custody, or control of a child as part of that activity or program, must successfully complete annual background checks.
    • If a background check has been completed within the past 365 days, it will not be necessary to submit to another. However, we will need to see a simple “cleared to work” confirmation for record keeping purposes.

    Who is responsible for covering the cost of the background checks?

    • For those activities and programs that charge a participant fee, the fee must be at least sufficient to cover the cost of the background checks required.
    • For those activities and programs that are part of a Sponsored Programs activity or program, the budget submitted to the supporting agency must include the cost of the background checks required.
    • For those activities that do not charge a participant fee and are supported financially by UAH and/or gift funds provided through the UAH Foundation or provided directly to UAH through University Advancement, the cost of the background checks will be covered through the Office of the Director of Compliance.

    Are there any additional forms or information that will be needed before the event?

    • Third Parties will need to provide proof of insurance. Third parties must not hold themselves out or be or give the appearance of being an agent, servant, or employee of UAH.
    • There may be additional forms that are needed, but this will depend on the event or activity and those involved. Additional form templates can be found on the Compliance website.

    What happens if the program does not meet the requirements of the Child Protection Policy?

    • Individuals violating this UAH policy or the requirements of this Guidebook will be held accountable for their actions, which may include, but are not limited to:
      • Volunteers are subject to reprimand or loss of volunteer status;
      • Students are subject to the Code of Student Conduct;
      • Faculty, staff and student employees are subject to corrective action up to and including termination;
      • Unit level sanctions, and;
      • Third-party providers are subject to punitive actions under the terms of their contract agreement, up to and including termination of contract.
      • Site visits may be coordinated by the Director of Compliance to promote compliance. Colleges, units, and individuals must participate in site visits as required.

    If you need additional information or assistance, contact the CPP@uah.edu email address and someone will follow up with you as soon as possible. You may also call Brandie Roberts directly at 256-824-6899.