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Student Spotlight - Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith is a senior from Huntsville, AL studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. She shares how engineering combined her love for math and communication, as well as some of the lessons her internships taught …

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Interviewing Like a Pro

We are going to share different things you can do on your end to set yourself up for the best chance of …

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Career Chats with Hexagon PPM

Today we speak to Jessica Stone, a Talent Acquisition Specialist from Hexagon PPM about their company, what they do, and what they are looking for in potential …

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Student Spotlight - Lucas McClanahan

Meet Lucas McClanahan: a senior from Columbia, Tennessee, Lucas is studying Computer …

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Hands on with Handshake

Handshake is the newest job searching software Career Services recently adopted for Charger Path that aims to help all UAH students and alumni find meaningful …

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Candace Phillips receives UAH Staff Leadership Award

Candace Phillips, senior coordinator of Career Services at UAH, is the recipient of the annual UAH Staff Leadership …

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