COVID-19 restrictions have led many companies to offering virtual interviews (and even training) to help with social distancing and safety precautions. Even after COVID concerns have abated, we expect the video interview trend to remain.  While you may be comfortable in a video environment through courses, here are some tips for participating in an online, live video interview:

1. Mute your microphone

Muting your microphone when you are not speaking helps minimize feedback and background noise.

2. Position your camera properly

Make sure your camera is at eye-level, not too high, but not too low either. Doing this helps with conversation engagement and gives a more personal connection.

3. Avoid multitasking

Be sure to rid your area of distractions such as ringtones, notifications, and applications running on your desktop. Not only do these things slow down your connection, but it also shows the employer that you seem uninterested and don’t value their time.

4. Address internet disruptions

Sometimes the live video call may lag due to unstable wifi connection or increases in the bandwidth. If you as the interviewee experience this issue just  calmly turn your camera off and dial in for phone audio. Just tell your interviewer  this issue. We are all getting through this new technology together!

5. Join the call a few minutes early

This helps to fix any troubleshooting issues before the start of the interview. You would also show up for an in person interview early, so show the virtual interviews the same respect.

6. Have a plain background

Avoid busy or messy backgrounds, you want it looking professional and work-appropriate. Also, beware of backlight coming in through windows behind you.

7. Have your video turned on

Having your video turned on shows you are engaged in conversation. The only reason having your video turned off is okay is if you are experiencing technical difficulties or connection issues.

8. Dress for the job you want

Although it is easy to lay around in your running shorts and comfy sweatshirts, fully dress up for the interview as if it was in person.

9. Try to look into the camera

Although you may be looking at the interviewer on your screen, the camera shows something else. To ensure proper eye contact look directly into your webcam, as if you were taking a picture.

10. Be still

Have your computer/laptop resting on a steady surface. If you must change locations, turn your camera off so there is no lagging in video feed.