UAH is excited to announce a new partnership with Flywire Payment Solutions to administer our installment payment plans. The following provisions apply to all payment plans:

  • A $50 enrollment fee is charged for each semester’s plan
  • A student may set up their own plan or give access to an authorized user who may establish a plan on the student’s behalf
  • All installment payments are made by automatic deduction from a designated bank account or charged to a credit card on the fifteenth (15th) of each month of the plan. (Note: There is a 2.85% processing fee for all credit card payments)

Summer & Fall Payment Plans

Enrollment for Summer and Fall payment plans are now open. View below for more information regarding each plan.

Summer Payment Plan

Effective Summer 2019: We now offer a summer payment plan.

Enrollment in a 3-part summer payment plan is available from May 15 to June 15*, with payments drafted on June 15, July 15, and August 15.

*Enrollment after May 28 will be subject to a $50 late payment fee in addition to the enrollment fee.

Fall Payment Plan

Enrollment for Fall payment plans is now open. Students/authorized users may select five, four, or three-part installment plans with corresponding start dates to offer more flexibility with payment options.

Enrollment is available from May 15 to August 28**, with payments drafted based on the schedule below.

Enrollment Dates# paymentsPayment draft dates
5/15 – 6/15 5-part 6/15; 7/15; 8/15; 9/15; 10/15
5/15 – 7/15 4-part 7/15; 8/15; 9/15; 10/15
5/15 – 8/21 3-part 8/15; 9/15; 10/15
**Enrollment after August 21 will be subject to a $50 late payment fee in addition to the enrollment fee.

Spring Payment Plan

Spring 2020 Payment Plan information will be available late summer 2019.