Staff Senate Announcements: October 21st Meeting


Academic Affairs

  • Spring registration is open
  • New Executive Asst. to the Provost:  Michele Kennedy
  • New Staff Assistant in the Department of Kinesiology: Rae Gill
  • COS Resource Manager Crystal Lee has retired.  The COB Resource Manager, Hunter Hoskins, has taken over her position.  Hunter’s former position is now being searched.
  • The Student Success Center is hiring student workers for Spring 2021
  • The Spring calendar has changed: the updated calendar is on the registrar’s webpage.

Advancement/University President’s Office/ODEI/Athletics

  • Lancers are recruiting.  Please send any nominations to Debbie.

Facilities and Operations

  • Fire inspection campus-wide taking place this month with Huntsville assistant fire marshal Donna Grimwood. Random buildings will be chosen.
  • Roberts hall lighting project Rooms 101 & 104 have been upgraded to LED fixtures.
  • Outside LED lighting improvements CGV, IMF and UFC parking areas.
  • Campus monthly generator testing continuing every Friday of each week before hours.
  • Campus-wide elevator inspections complete.
  • Student campus housing fire alarm inspections scheduled to start the week of December 1

Finance & Administration


  • Most of UAH Research remains working remotely (many classified as Code R)
  • Gloria Greene was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Contracts & Grants under the Vice President for Research (Robert Lindquist)
  • The UAH Propulsion Research Center successfully test-fired a new type of rocket engine – called a Rotating Detonation Engine – which was designed and built by a master’s degree student, Evan Unruh.
  • UAH leads new program to develop cyber workforce from underserved academia
  • UAH awarded $3.7 million Department of Defense grant
  • NASA awards Exceptional Public Service Medal to ESSC’s Sue Estes

Student Affairs

  • Student Health:
    • Still trucking along at the UAH Fever, Flu, COVID testing drive-thru at EXP 816.  Also seeing non-respiratory students as usual at the clinic in Wilson Hall.  We are working on a web portal for SHC (and FSC) as well for our EHR so that will open up secure messaging, prescription refills, submitting forms etc through the patient portal.  Should be ready by the end of the month.
  • Housing
    • We have candidates coming to campus this week for our open Housing Director position. 

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