The OMC can help you promote your achievement, event, or activity, and share any important information or announcements you may have through a variety of channels on campus, within the community, and well beyond.

On-Campus Promotion

OMC Marketing Channels


The OMC oversees the UAH Event System, which features events affiliated with UAH and held on the UAH campus as well as events sanctioned by UAH and held off campus (e.g., Alumni, Art, Music, or Theatre events). Events submitted to the UAH Event System may also appear on relevant departmental pages on the UAH website, in the student newsletter, and/or in the weekly Headlines email that goes to faculty and staff.

To submit an event to the UAH Event System, go to


Have you received a major award, grant, or fellowship? Released cutting-edge research results? Collaborated with another college or university to conduct a ground-breaking study? Spent a semester studying in a distant corner of the globe? Presented at an international conference? Then we want to hear from you! News is how we tell the world about all of the amazing, exciting things that our students, faculty, researchers, and staff are doing to help make UAH such a special place.

To submit an item to UAH News, contact


Primarily intended for the campus community, announcements comprise construction updates, important HR information, road closures, parking changes, and other information of that nature. Announcements appear in several places: in the Announcements section of the weekly Headlines email that goes to faculty and staff, on the Faculty & Staff page of the website, and on the Announcements page of the website.

To submit an announcement, contact


Headlines is a curated email for faculty and staff comprising articles from UAH News, announcements that have been sent to the OMC, and events that have been submitted to the UAH Event System.

To submit an event to Headlines, go to

To submit an announcement to Headlines, contact

Campuswide Email

The OMC has the ability to send campuswide emails; however, these emails are solely intended for information of great importance to the entire campus community. Barring an urgent announcement (e.g., severe weather), requests to send information via a campuswide email must be submitted two weeks in advance.

To submit an item to be shared via campuswide email, contact

Social Media

The OMC administers the university's main Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. The primary audience for these pages is prospective UAH students.

To submit an item to be shared on UAH's main social media pages, contact

To see other UAH-affiliated platforms not administered by the OMC, visit the UAH Social Media Directory.

Non-OMC Marketing Channels

The following is a list of marketing channels not operated by the OMC, but provided for your convenience. Follow the directions listed for each channel for more information.

Managed by varying departments and personnel. All digital sign boards on campus are low-resolution, so it is best to keep your designs as simple and straightforward as possible. Slides must be in landscape/horizontal orientation and saved as a JPEG file.

Here is the contact info for the rest of the buildings:

  • E-newsletter published by Student Affairs and sent to every UAH student on Mondays
  • Submissions are due the Wednesday before the Monday you want your information published
  • Submit your news item on their form.
  • List of events posted in bathroom stalls around campus
  • Updated every Monday
  • Content is gathered from the UAH Charger Connect Calendar, so submit your event and designate the date/time you would like to have it in the Toilet Paper
  • Each building requires approval for posters/flyers and departments/student organizations are required to get their own approval and distribute posters/flyers themselves
  • Posters must be related to campus (faculty, staff or student activities/notices only; no outside organization's posters are allowed)
  • Be sure to get them approved in each building:
    • At the Charger Union, stop by the Welcome Desk
    • In any academic building, stop by the Dean’s office
  • The Copy Center offers printing services, but it is not required for them to print UAH posters; full color 11”x17” posters are less than $1.00 each
  • Distributed to each building (please sort and paperclip with each building designated)
    • Charger Village – 2
    • Frank Franz Hall – 2
    • North Campus Residence Hall – 2
    • Southeast Housing – 2
    • Central Campus Residence Hall – 2
    • Housing Office – 1
  • Flyers must be approved by the Housing Office and should be delivered to the Housing Office (at Charger Village) at least 2 weeks in advance of the event
  • It is possible to target residents via campus mail if you can access their campus address from Banner; campus mail for residents normally comes to the Housing office first and is then distributed to the buildings and placed in residents’ mailboxes. Mail to residents must include the appropriate suite number.
  • You are responsible for repainting the letters
  • Chalking is permitted on campus except on benches, bricks, buildings, and breezeways (chalking is not allowed in areas where rain will not wash it away)
  • To hang a banner in Charger Union, make a reservation by contacting Jay Foster
  • Limited space for 3’x6’ or 3’x8’ banners is available in Charger Union
  • Must be constructed of paper or vinyl and include grommet holes in each corner and the middle
    • Banners need to be reserved 14 days in advance and delivered to the Charger Union Event Scheduling Office the Friday before it needs to be hung; reserved banners can be hung for 1 week, and are limited to two consecutive weeklong reservations per event

Off-Campus Promotion


The OMC can help you promote your program, department, or event though both traditional media (magazines, newspaper, radio, billboards, etc.) and new media (online ads, social media, etc.). While you would be responsible for any associated cost, our staff of marketing experts can help you craft an effective marketing campaign and select the best place to share your message.

To learn more about advertising, contact



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