Wellness Wednesday - August 4, 2021

Did you know that "Added Sugar" is now its own line item on the Nutrition Facts Label? Join this webinar to learn what the term "added sugar" really means and how you can limit your consumption of added sugar. During this presentation, we will discuss the difference between naturally occurring and added sugars, the risks of consuming too much added sugar, what to look for on the Nutrition Facts Label, and recommendations to keep our added sugar low.


Gilsbar Go Green Challenge Registration

Gilsbar's Go Green Challenge is focused on going green! The goal is to build awareness of eco-friendly living and ultimately decrease our environmental footprint. There are lots of behaviors we can modify that benefit the environment, and throughout this challenge, you’ll learn a number of ways you can positively impact the world we all share. The goal is to participate daily to earn points.

Registration is on August 23 - 31, 2021. The Go Green Challenge will begin on September 1st and continues through September 30th. 30 points will be added to your wellness points for the completion of the challenge. Login to mygilsbar to register.


TIAA Financial Webinars

Here at Charger Fit we believe that our financial wellness is just at important as our physical well-being. Join TIAA for several different financial webinars the week of August 17, 2021 to help keep you aware of how to keep your money management healthy. Webinar topics include: Charting Your Course: A financial guide for women and Financial housekeeping for now and later. For a list of webinar topics and how to register, please visit


Gilsbar Quarterly Webinar

Each quarter, Gilsbar offers a different webinar related to wellness. Earn 10 points by completing the Quarter Two Webinar: “Step Into Action: Get Moving”.

1) Log into your wellness center on

2) Select the webinar to view the video.

3) Click on the Incentive/Rewards to log the webinar and earn points