Student Spotlight

Bobby Marsh '19

BA, Political Science

Bobby Marsh sums up his four-year UAH experience with two words: incredible and challenging. "Our professors challenged us but were always welcoming and available. One of the most challenging yet fulfilling courses for me was the "Contemporary Political Philosophy" class taught by Dr. John Harfouch, UAH Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Pre-Law Advisor.


UAH’s Pre-Law Certificate is a collaboration between the Department of Political Science and the Department of Philosophy in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Its curriculum is designed to provide students with guidance in taking the classes that will not only assist them with passing the LSAT and getting into law school, but also prepare them for success once they get there.

The Pre-Law Certificate can be completed in conjunction with any combination of major and minor. Students are required to complete an approved 15-credit course of study, including core courses in logic, ethics, and political philosophy. Many are able to  complete the program without undue academic burden, because two of the five courses required are already included in Charger Foundations.

Core Courses (9 hours)

PHL 102
Introduction to Ethics
PHL 103
Introduction to Logic
and one of the following two courses:
PSC 330 / PHL 330
Classical Political Philosophy
PSC 332 / PHL 332
Modern Political Philosophy

Elective Courses (at least 6 hours)

CM 316
Legal Argument
EH 320
Practicum in Writing
FL 101L
Introduction to Latin
PHL 320
Symbolic Logic
PSC 452
American Constitutional Law
PSC 454
Civil Liberties
PY 434
Psychology and Law
SOC 303
Statistics for the Social Sciences
SOC 307
Sociology of Law

For a full list of courses for the Pre-Law Certificate Program, visit the UAH Catalog.