The UAH Department of Music has grown into one of the outstanding musical organizations in the region. If you would like to support the continued growth of this department, there are several ways to get involved. For more information, contact the UAH Department of Music at  256.824.6436 or

Specific needs identified by the Department of Music include:

Scholarship Support

Scholarship support in the Department of Music has grown dramatically in recent years to more than $59,000. With approximately 200 students involved in ensembles, that is unfortunately less than $300 per student!

Visiting Artists

The Department of Music has been fortunate to be able to present a number of outstanding guest artist concerts and recitals over the years. Donors are sought to sponsor more events like this.

Student Ensemble Travel

Student ensembles in the UAH Department of Music are a genuine source of pride for our university and our community. One of the best ways to spread our reputation is to take these ensembles on the road. Funding for local, regional, and international performance trips will be greatly appreciated.


Music is one of the most expensive departments on any college campus, with constant equipment needs to support ensembles and other educational activities.

New Music Commissions

One of the best ways to get students excited about the creation of music is to collaborate with a composer in presenting the world premiere of a new composition.


Do you have a nice tuxedo hanging somewhere that you know will never fit you again? Consider donating it to the UAH Department of Music to be used by a student in one of our ensembles. It's time to let that tux out of the closet!

Giving Circles

Thank you to the following supporters of the UAH Department of Music:

Chair's Circle

Mr. & Mrs John Nolan III - Maestro
Mrs. Linda Smith - Maestro
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Hutchens - Concertmaster

Patron's Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Brotherton - Presto
Ms. Phyllis O'Connell - Presto
Drs. James & Sharon Gardepe - Allegro
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gillespie - Allegro
Mr. & Mrs. Olin B. King - Allegro
Lieutenant General (USA Ret) and Mrs. James M. Link - Allegro
Dr. N. Jan Davis and Mr. Schuyler H. Richardson III - Allegro
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Buckbee - Andante
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Lowe - Andante
Dr. and Mrs. F. Calame Sammons - Andante
Ms. Amanda F. Stokes - Andante
Dr. William Y. Bishop - Adagio
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Fletcher - Adagio
Ms. Pam Hudson & Ms. Leila Nabors - Adagio
Huntsville Music Study Club (Ms. Margie Garrett) - Adagio
Mr. & Mrs. Ed & Frances Schwemmer - Adagio