Panel CM Professionals

The Communication Arts Department in collaboration with CAHS Career and Internships kicked off a new career development series on November 4th, 2022. Held in Morton Hall, the event featured four panelists of industry professionals including Michele Armstrong, Joshua Ewell, Jalyn Ignont, and Michael Allen. Students and faculty attended the panel discussion which focused on not only the professional world of communication but also networking and resume building tips. Communication Arts Department lecturer, Anthony Greer, stated,

“[students] having the opportunity to hear from people who are [working in the professional setting] on a regular basis is an incredible opportunity.”

In response to a question about the communication skills used within the workplace, the panelists spoke about the importance of collaboration, listening, and understanding the organizational structure. Panelist Joshua Ewell stated, “For me it’s how to best deliver the message in order to get the end result that I’m trying to get.”

The panelists ended their discussion by providing valuable feedback to students on navigating work after the pandemic. They discussed the role of remote work in each of their jobs and how it is changing the landscape of organizations.

The Communication Arts major provides students with practical, critical, historical, and theoretical perspectives on human communication that prepares them for work, social life, and further academic studies. Interested in learning more? Be sure to check out UAH's Communication Arts website.

Hosted jointly by Departments and CAHS Career & Internships, the Adventures In series invites professionals within our community to come speak to students about how their connected major in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences impacts their career today. Want to join in on the fun? Contact us at to request a speaking opportunity in 2023!