UAH accepts credits from regionally-accredited institutions. Your official credit evaluation does not take place until after you have been admitted. Once credit has been evaluated, you can review transfer credit on your Academic Transcript through

In the meantime, you can use the Transfer Degree Progression Tool to enter your transfer courses to see how they will transfer to the degree you wish to attain at UAH. Once you provide all the necessary information, you will be shown an audit for that degree.

Transfer Degree Progression Tool

Here's how to get started! 

Step 1: Create an account. 
  • For best results, create a login account so that you can save your transfer and degree evaluations and return to it at a later date for updating completed courses. 
Step 2: Answer a few questions about your academic plans. 
  • Term that you plan to enroll at UAH
  • Intended level (undergraduate)
  • Degree that you want to pursue at UAH
  • Intended Major at UAH
  • Intended Concentration at UAH 
  • Intended Minor at UAH 
Step 3: Select previously attended institution(s) and enter transfer work. 
  • Search the name of your previously attended college.
  • Search for the courses you have taken and enter the term the course was completed, credits received, grade, and type of credits.
  • Please include courses from all institutions you have attended. If a course that you have completed at another institution is not found, that is an indicator that we have not previously evaluated the course. You can get in touch with the Registrar's Office with any questions.
Step 4: Review your unofficial degree evaluation for UAH. 
  • Please note that the transfer and degree evaluation reports that you have created are NOT official. Rather, they should be used as a guide to help you understand how your classes taken at previous institutions may transfer to UAH and may apply to degree requirements.
  • Your degree audit can also be downloaded as a PDF for printing purposes.

Other Resources

  • Students can visit our Transfer Course Equivalency page to view how individual courses will transfer to UAH.
  • Students may schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in the college of their major to further discuss transfer credit and degree progression. 

Transferring from a 4-Year College

If you are transferring from an accredited four-year institution, you may transfer an unlimited number of semester hours, with the exception of technical, remedial, and vocational credits. UAH requires that 25% of total requirements and 12 of the final 18 degree hours are completed with UAH courses.

Transferring from a 2-Year College

If you are transferring from a junior, community, or two-year college, you may transfer a maximum of 50% of a degree program. Exceptions require written approval from the dean of the college in which you are enrolled.

Statewide Articulation Reporting System (STARS)

If you are transferring from a public two-year community college in Alabama, visit the STARS website to select a major and access a list of community colleges and core courses that will apply to your program of choice.