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Mark Porter


Choosing to attend UAH is greatest decision I have ever made. I have made lifelong friends and connections through this campus. I wouldn't want to do it any other way. 

Get to know Mark

Why UAH?

I chose UAH because of the opportunities and resources the campus has to offer. From the Student Success Center to the Career Services Office, UAH wants everyone to succeed and will give students every resource to do so. 


The versatility of my major is one of the most appealing parts of why I chose it. As a Chemical Engineer, I will have the ability to go in so many directions after college, whether it be pharmaceuticals or even rocket propulsion.

Favorite Thing About UAH

My favorite thing about UAH is the close knit communities throughout campus. Whether it be Greek Life, the housing staff, or student government, these organizations made me feel welcomed as a new student. 

Life at UAH

Even though life is very busy at UAH, creating the balance between academics, a social life, a job, and any student organizations is what makes college enjoyable. Get involved and enjoy what UAH has to offer because you only have 4 years of it so make it 4 years to remember.