jorge mares zamora

Jorge Mares

Hometown: Zamoro, Mexico

I enjoy learning from the amazing professors at UAH, as well as spending time with the genuine and caring people I have found here.

Get to know Jorge

Why UAH?

I chose UAH due to its location in Huntsville! The fact the UAH is right in the middle of the second largest research park in the U.S. is a game changer! UAH also has a great engineering program and great scholarship and financial aid opportunities. 

Favorite Thing About UAH

My favorite things about UAH is how easy it is to get involved around campus. There are a lot of student organizations where you can make a difference on campus. 


When I am not on campus I enjoy visiting all of the hiking trails around Monte Sano state park as well as visiting Big Spring park. There are a lot of places around the city for me to go hammock and relax while being around nature. 

Campus Involvement

There is always something to do around campus! Living on campus is a great way to get connected with people of the same interests. Having as many student organizations as UAH does, it is impossible not to get involved and have fun on campus!