Student Instructor Evaluation (SIE) Definition:

  • SIE stands for Student Instructor Evaluations, which are the end-of-course surveys completed by students about their experience in each course. This is common practice across most colleges and universities in the US. The numeric results and the comments are used by faculty to improve their course offerings and may be used by department chairs and college deans as part of the faculty review process. The SIE process is completed using an online survey platform administered by the Office of Institutional, Research, Effectiveness, & Assessment (OIREA).

How do the SIEs benefit me?

  • Providing constructive and honest feedback to your instructors help faculty make improvement to their courses for future students. 
  • Providing faculty with aspects of the course that benefited you the most/least helps them to improve their courses and helps to create more effective teaching processes.
  • Evaluations are anonymous and instructors cannot see any comments or results until all final grades are submitted for courses.
  • The feedback that you and students prior to you provide, help benefit the institution as a whole.  The trickle down and across effect, potentially impact departments and school administrators as student instructor evaluations play a vital role in curriculum planning and program review.  Your assistance is vital to the campus community.  It is important to take SIEs seriously as they benefit you, your fellow chargers, and your instructors long term.

How to Access the SIEs:

  • Email sent to your UAH account approximately two weeks from the end of each term
  • Inside your Canvas Course System

Who do I contact if I have problems with my SIEs?

  • If you ever have problems with your SIEs, please contact our system administrator at Someone will be able to help you with your all of your questions.

Student Instructor Evaluation (SIE) Questionnaire

Frequently Asked Questions on SIEs: